Madness - XBox Live Arcade Game?

2010-01-30 04:44:57 by JakBaronKing

In addition to my polls is another Question...

Should "MADNESS" become an X-Box Live Arcade Shooter?

Madness Accelerant was the ever continuing flash wonder from the previous game Madness Regent.

It was based on the Mini-Flash series by Krinkels.

With re-invisioned Art-Style by Mindchamber.

And awesome Programing by Tom Fulp

Last year I said, "Yo Tom, wouldn't this be an Awesome X-Box Live game?"

Well...I ask you now...the Newgrounds Community.

Should Newgrounds develop a Madness game for X-Box Live?

With the recent 2 flash submissions...Both Madness Games serve as a Beta for a full on action side-scrolling shooter with no real plot, reason, or rhyme....



To help tally the votes more easily....

Please put a "YAY" at the beginning of your comment for Positive Review.

Please put a "NAY" at the beginning of your comment for Negative Review.

Please put a "MAYBE" at the beginning of your comment for a Neutral Review.

Please express why you feel this way about the idea.

Don't forget...this game is AWESOME!

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Madness - XBox Live Arcade Game?


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2010-01-30 05:26:03


Yhea, it would be awesome.

JakBaronKing responds:



2010-01-30 05:35:40


Introducing Behemoth game #4!

JakBaronKing responds:

That's what I'm talking about.


2010-01-30 06:23:20

dunno how the controls would work with an xbox controller. Maybe a pc game

JakBaronKing responds:

Right now it's only 3 buttons and the joystick.

Remember, Metal Slug 2 only has 3 buttons and the joystick and it's available for X-Box download.

Jump, Shoot, Grenade.


2010-01-30 08:09:06

fuck YAY
When will it happen!!!

JakBaronKing responds:

Hopefully sometime after the release of Behemoth's Game 3.


2010-01-30 22:16:19

Maybe, but don't you think that there are ENOUGH Live Arcade games? Besides, I'm not shelling out 300 to 500 bucks on a system that's unreliable as hell.

JakBaronKing responds:

Well....unreliable "before" yes...

But the new XBox Elite is almost a flawless system. It only seems to slow during avatar shopping. But it's not frozen, just takes a LONG time to load the clothes and save your stuff. If you wait, it'll return back to your menu.

And the new X-Box elites are 300 yes. But its the best one available.


2010-01-31 02:54:28


it'd be awesome to sit an play this in my underwear on my xbox as opposed to in my underwear on my laptop

JakBaronKing responds:

LOL - That's the best part of online games - no one know your naked!


2010-01-31 14:27:18


Personally I think this would be a fantastic idea, as it would recieve millions of downloads and get profit for Newgrounds which would be used for money for us!!! :D

I think Tom Fulp should get about 3 flash games every year and re-code them for the xbox live arcade in one neat NG PACKAGE. :)

JakBaronKing responds:

I agree - there are allot of neat flash games that I would love to play full versions of.

in fact...there are a couple more games I have in mind....


2010-02-01 00:40:44


It's Madness Combat. What more reason is needed?


2010-02-01 12:13:02

YAY it would be an awsome game


2010-02-01 12:13:42

YAY they should also add a multiplayer bit lol


2010-02-01 19:43:23

YAY, I can see it now. Sanford and Deimos guns blazing. *w*


2010-02-02 21:47:58

YAY a million times over.

But it can't just be a shooter; It's gotta be a goody box. I'm talking sandbox mode, alternate characters, recreations of memorable set pieces AND new ones, a melee system that doesn't suck, alternate characters, boss battles, etc etc etc.

If it's just a short dinky little thing, don't bother.


2010-02-03 02:55:34


Dude that would awesome! With single player you would be Hank playing through the story, and then there would be something like Horde in Gears 2 for 2 player co-op with Sanford and Deimos as the characters. Then there could be multiplayer and you can choose which character (Hank, Jebus, Clown, 133t agent, sherrif ect) and probably more gametypes that behemoth can dream up! :D


2010-02-03 15:49:54

it should totaly go to xbox!


2010-02-03 19:26:19

I'm afraid I have to go with an undeniable YAY.

I may be dead as Elvis here, but I will definitely pop up to throw my support to this.

[Also, FYI, Elvis is in fact not dead and is located within the Bermuda Triangle along with Amelia Earhart and Tupac.]


2010-02-05 20:43:01

Has to be on PC also, Flash to game games need to be on the program flash ran on. Still fuming about CC not being on PC.


2010-02-07 15:50:12

yay !


2010-02-07 18:08:37

YAY YAY YAY YAY YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


2010-02-10 21:57:07

This is something i'd really want. I'd totally buy it off the arcade. They need to make it more epic than Castle Crashers though. If not it may push some people away. Alot of the kids i know liked Castle Crashers for a little while but now can't stand to play it. So the Madness Combat LIVE game should be made impossible to get bored of.


2010-02-12 12:26:58

YAY, BUT it HAS to be on PS3 too. come on, its only fair :/


2010-02-17 11:41:45

what about thing thing 4 or 3 as one???


2010-02-23 12:00:07


I think Madness Interactive is more deserving. And it should go to Wiiware too if it would.