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I was like...the robot looks kinda meh, but then the BIG ASS CAT ROBOT appeared and I was like WOW!!! Is this gonna be a game?

Furas responds:

Thank you! Actually the original idea from this comes from a game (a runner) I had in mind with some friends at the beginning of this year. Along the time we just hadn't that time for a project like that, but we had a clear idea of the visual style and the main character, so I continued this idea to my showreel. Nowadays in my dreams this would be a clear hack & slash.

LOL I love the tribute to Weird Cat at the end.

Casvdp you made my day!

Netflix Snorks is looking pretty good.

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Can't wait to see it on game download stores.

My only suggestion is fix the music. Really get a killer sound-track. Right now the Jazz seems a bit off for a fantasy game with swords.

And perhaps add some contract to the foreground vs the background.

One gameplay suggestion would be the sword has a juggling feature for crossing gaps.

Kinda like a double jump, a sword swing allows the player to "fly" a bit and land another hit. Thus landing some neat air-gap crossing moves.

Potential Potential

But you'll really need to do something to be the next Shovel Knight.

As fun as this game is, if you are making money off of this...shouldn't Gregzilla get a cut?

Even though it's a parody of Knuckles, technically he is the creation of the youtuber right?

Aside from that, it's a pretty fun game.

jeremy7986 responds:

It's basically non-commercial, it's also a free game in android version.
However I still links Gregzilla's Youtube channel in links page.
Anyway thanks! :D

Seriously don't give up on this game. It has so much more potential.

Have it kickstarted for a full on Harvest Moon/Dating Sims effect.

pokkaloh responds:

Maybe a sequel one day :)

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I would love to see you in a live play performance one day. You are a great 'thespian'.


It seems out of context.

Unlike your Banjo-Kazooie song....It fits!
It seems appropriate as a tribute.

The tune fits "towards" Banjo-Kazooie.
You use an actual banjo for the Banjo-Kazooie song.

I can't associate Mario RPG with a techno rap.
Nor in the flash...with that deep 'anime serious-ness-drama'.
I remember the game being a very fun, light-hearted, yet challenging game.

Especially in this vocal style and musical tone.
You put allot of hard work into it. But I just don't enjoy it as much.

"Duane & Brando" uses actual game music from the game and distorts it just to a small degree. They rap to it.

"Brentalfloss" does basically the same as what your doing.
But in my opinion, does it to a better degree.

But both artists stay towards the game's original 'tone' in terms of what the game was about, it's mood, it's sound...etc.

I'm not sure how best to explain it, cause I don't know how to explain myself properly.

I'm loving this tune.

I guess you can say it has a Mass Effect feel to it.

But I think these spacey noises will suit to anyone who likes to meditate to the sounds of the cosmos.

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The lack of pupils is a little daunting *(maybe if they were shinier?)



Is that Brody from Yo Mama?

Can't wait for the final game to finish.

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