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STRONG FlapJack vibes. Love it.

Did Elane shrink in the sequel?

I am curious if this would make a great video game.

I was hoping that the Newgrounds version would have Patricks dick uncensored

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You just invented the newest Battle Royal Game.

It's sorta like that snake game where you eat other snakes and get bigger and then dominate the rest of the world.

I can imagine it now...

You enter a battle royal of 100 equally size small robots. Then you proceed to beat the crap out of each other by means of mele or projectile attacks. But each kill they drop bolts and gears that you have to quickly pick up in order to upgrade - strength, defense, speed, or weapon slot.

Each time you upgrade, you become a little larger *(but slower) faster *(but weaker) or just become a full on tank or glass canon with the punches.

Now, if you wanna team up agains a big baddy, you can do so and reap the spoils and eventually only one is left.

This idea can be expanded upon. With jumps and power slashes using the space bar.

If developed for phones, swiping can be utilized.

Although too bad that IOS will likely only allow a PG version with bikini.

But you could allow micro transaction for 'upgrades' like power gauntlets that allow higher chance of deflecting critical.

CleeshHaze responds:

Thank you very much for the feedback! I agree on many points, but I'd rather go more XXX than PG to be honest, heehee~~ so it's IOS's loss. :P

In addition to changing genitals for wishes...

Why not add monster transformations like her Nagi (snake woman), Mermaid, Harpy, Spider Woman, or her various costume transformation like Ninja, PJ, Bikini, or Cyber Cop?

Also include a 'gem dump' mode where you can just skip ahead to the real show.

Also is the music from the actual game soundtrack or is a personal remix?
If so, you should include a separate NG audio track cause it's poppin!

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I would love to see you in a live play performance one day. You are a great 'thespian'.


It seems out of context.

Unlike your Banjo-Kazooie song....It fits!
It seems appropriate as a tribute.

The tune fits "towards" Banjo-Kazooie.
You use an actual banjo for the Banjo-Kazooie song.

I can't associate Mario RPG with a techno rap.
Nor in the flash...with that deep 'anime serious-ness-drama'.
I remember the game being a very fun, light-hearted, yet challenging game.

Especially in this vocal style and musical tone.
You put allot of hard work into it. But I just don't enjoy it as much.

"Duane & Brando" uses actual game music from the game and distorts it just to a small degree. They rap to it.

"Brentalfloss" does basically the same as what your doing.
But in my opinion, does it to a better degree.

But both artists stay towards the game's original 'tone' in terms of what the game was about, it's mood, it's sound...etc.

I'm not sure how best to explain it, cause I don't know how to explain myself properly.

I'm loving this tune.

I guess you can say it has a Mass Effect feel to it.

But I think these spacey noises will suit to anyone who likes to meditate to the sounds of the cosmos.

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Dis is a Rook, you gonna draw other monster chess pieces?

Would love to see how you draw the rest of the Straw Hat Crew in your style. This is real Shounin art quality. You should be making manga.

CrasherChroma responds:

Thanks!! I actually do draw a shonen-inspired comic! It's called CroakingBound, and you might like it if you dig my art! http://croakingbound.com

Literally Dad n Me.

He needs his mini-me of a son riding his shoulder. Can sell posters for sure man!

jouste responds:

he does look a bit like dad for sure! hope hawaii is treating you well pal!


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