Red Baron Strategy Guide

2010-05-18 07:13:54 by JakBaronKing

Red Baron Walkthrough

Red Baron is one of the most intense beat-em-up flash games to ever been conceived here on Newgrounds.

I even suspect it might be the inspiration to Castle Crashers. In terms of a knight who kills waves of enemies.

But here is the list of what you should keep in mind when playing the game if you want to beat the game and perhaps earn a high score in "Survival Mode".

Keep in mind to use your Shield Charges wisely, knowing when to move, and know which enemies to attack first.

And if you intend to play this game all the way through...take FREQUENT breaks and have a tasty snack on hand.

You can pause the game by "right-clicking" the screen of the game.

I also highly recommend listening to something other than the game's music if playing survival mode. The music from Survival mode repeats itself and often throws players into a trance and makes them careless.


Earning ALLOT of Money $$$

It's very easy actually, just use your shield boost to move behind a group of enemies before they reach the end of the screen. Then wail on them again to earn more coins. Better weapons means more coins. Or if you time your attacks well, you can actually earn 1800 coins easy.

Also earn more coins by Beating Bosses Blockless in storymode.

Unleash your Shield Dash at the last few seconds during the Tank Destroyer Bonus Stage



Dark Baron - The first boss. Your shadow. Just keep hitting him and no shield if you want the BBB bonus.

Defector - The second boss. She uses a wicked scythe. Don't bother attacking her until she throws her blade. Dodge her blade, attack, then reverse block the oncoming scythe and continue to attack her till she's dead.

Dark Saber - The third boss and possibly the most frustrating for most. But not for me anymore. It just takes patience because he has a high HP level and summons doberman when he gets hit too much. But keep in mind that this boss does take some strategy and maneuvering skills.

He has 2 forms - Walking and Charging

Walking - Use your scythe or sword to land only 6 hits at a time. If you use a more powerful weapon, you can only land 4-2 hits before he calls his dobermans. Continue to stay in place and not move while using your scythe. And if you miss a swing, just move back and it'll reset your hit count meter. Remember, hit no more than 6 hits.

Charging - Switch to your most powerful weapon (Either Dildo or Ax). And lead the Werewolf to the corner of the stage. Hit him, then walk through him towards the end of the stage avoiding his bite. After he bites, it is safe to attack him with two hits of your most powerful weapon. The repeat.

Alien Boss - Equally difficult as the Werewolf - less HP but capable of more Damage per hit. He has three stages of intense fighting. Each one just as deadly as the last.

Armored Suit - Use your shield to receive a hit from his enormous fists. Then after contact, immediately swing your weapon. Tap A constantly! Then he'll be dizy for only a short time. It's highly recommended to hit him from behind. That way when he turns around you'll know when to block your shield again and repeat till his armor breaks.

Kung Fu Midget - This takes time. Hit him only two times. Serpentine around him. Repeat.

Robot Spider Head - This is the hardest part. You NEED to focus. Because you can hit him in succession but he'll sneak a hit unless you block it in time. Then after so many hits, walk away and wait till he spit his bombs. Maneuver around the bombs and attack again with limited hits. BUT REMEMBER - ONLY KILL HIM FROM THE RIGHT SIDE. Other wise he'll lay one last bomb that you cannot avoid.


Low HP Enemy List in Credit Order *(all of which will easily die with one Shield Dash *except for Gollem)

But in the event you don't have must know your enemies patterns.

In general, you must block or dodge their attack before you attack.

Giant Stone Gollem - Be careful. He can sneak an attack. But just keep wailing on him.

Robo-Knight - Carries a MASSIVE sword that will instantly kill you in several swings. Let him swing first or block with your shield and attack.

Pygmy - Easy to kill. Use to replenish your Shield Charge.

Nekrodin - Zombie with acid spit. Do not attack until he finishes spewing acid.

El-Peev-O - Too EASY.

G.I.T - A robot clown with a big gun. Let him shoot his gun first then attack. But beware of his gun swing.

Snakebot - Dodge and kill. But they do not replenish your Shield Charge Power.

Jay-Man - weed.

Skullz - A demon with spikes for arms. Block with your shield and attack. Or avoid his attack first.

Robosaur - Serpentine and dodge his charge and attack from behind.

Bionic-Chicken-Turkey-Thing - just hit from behind so you don't get your cock full of lead.

Raidon - Don't move forward. Swing and let this masked samurai come to you.Time your swings and hit hit hit.

Blackhood - Let him unleash magic. Then serpentine and attack after he kicks.

Ghost Samurai - Block or Dodge and Hit. But he can be quick so hit quicker.


Take "right-clicks" breaks often.

From monsters deaths 1-130

Just use your shield attacks and keep hitting the dead corpses to recharge your shield charge.

But from 130 on....the BOSS WAVES
(*Note: This may or may not be the proper order listed)


When confronting multiple bosses, learn to serpentine and round up your enemies like cattle.

After 130 kills you'll encounter....

Defector + 2 Snake Bots

Dark Saber

2 Defector - Round up into one single attacker. Then use the same strategy as above.

Dark Saber + 4 Ghost Samurai - Unleash your full power. Then reverse and kill the samurai's on the opposite side to recharge your power. Then unleash again!

Alien Boss - Be'll fight more of the same bosses after this point in larger numbers.

Defector + Alien Boss - Use your shield to Dizzy Defector first, then wail on the Robot to recharge your Shield. Repeat and unleash your power on the Defector till she's dead after she throws her scythe. Then focus on the Alien Robot using the same strategy above.

2 Dark Sabers - Round up into one single attacker. Use the same strategy as above.

Dark Saber + Alien Boss - This is actually very easy if you use the same method for killing the Raidons. Stay in place and swing (Preferably with your Scythe no more than 6 hits). Soon the Werewolf will charge. Then lead him to the corner of the stage to repeat. Then if the robot gets too close, lead the werewolf to the opposite side. Repeat till the werewolf is dead.

2 Dark Saber + Alien Boss - This is a bit tricky but use the same method as above but only round up the werewolves first.

2 Dark Sabers + 2 Defectors - This is the BREAK point. IF you can beat these guys...the rest is a cake walk to score a few extra kills. Assuming you don't make a mistake and get hit.

Round up the Defectors and use your shield to dizzy them. The switch to your scythe weapon to wail on the Werewolves for a while. Charge up your power and watch the Defectors for their recovery from their dizzy spell. If you manage to charge up your power, wail on the Defectors after they throw their Scythes. After about 2 full power hits with your shield, the Defectors should be dead. Then use the same strategy to kill the two Werewolves.


CONGRATULATIONS - You've killed 155 monsters. Then the Bosses become SUPER STRONG and will kill you in just a few hits.

The following monsters are....

2 Dark Sabers

1 Dark Saber + Alien Boss

2 Dark Sabers + Alien Boss

I managed to kill 161 monsters....can you kill more?

Become a Baron King.....

(Image by Alvin Hew)

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Red Baron Strategy Guide


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2010-05-18 11:08:36

God I love that picture,

thanks for the walkthru update

(Updated ) JakBaronKing responds:

Alvin Hew says it's not his best work.

But we here on Newgrounds say otherwise.

I feel the stoic don't wanna mess with this SOB.

Hope this walkthru helps players.


2010-05-19 01:11:44

N' First of all LUDAA!!!

Second - HOLY MOTHA OF MILK -that is one BAD ASS look'n Baron!


Nice Walkthru maybe now I can get somewere in that game. :P

(Updated ) JakBaronKing responds:

Awesome right?

Good luck.


2010-05-19 03:13:45

you are the most wise.

JakBaronKing responds:

thank you


2010-05-19 14:00:34

the world is just one tit of some big biatch

JakBaronKing responds:

You smokin' a jayman again?



2010-05-23 04:27:28

your right im not gonna go down with him. i shall learn to forgive and show him respect.

JakBaronKing responds:

Always be respectful even if others are not.


2011-03-23 08:19:22

Nyce baron pix.
Da walkthru hlps but for the bosses,I ALWAYS CHARGE AT THEM AND IM SUCCESSFUL.
But i havent killed the third boss cause when u have to destroy the wall,THERE ARE ENDLESS WAVES OF ZOMBIES COMIN AT ME.
other than a+s+d,what is another good way to destroy the wall quickly?
i haven't successfully destroyed it yet :(
but issa nice walkthru.

JakBaronKing responds:

Those Zombies are a great way to earn coins. Too bad it's just a few at a time.

The real challenge of the game is to earn enough coins to buy the weapon during one gameplay.

As for the Werewolf boss. Just remember certain weapons can only land a certain number of hits before he gets all cheep blows on you.


2011-05-17 10:10:19

Erm yeah forget what I said. Can you help me with the Alien Boss? I follow ur instructions but as soon as its HP is low for the Kung Fu Midget and Spider-thingy, its HP goes ALL THE WAY UP TO FULL. Then I had to lower the HP of the Kung Fu Midget all over again. That was fine, but the spider-thing was UNBEATABLE. Yeah the HP was low but I had the same problem. I ask you, the mighty king of Red Baron.

JakBaronKing responds:

Yeah...that's just to throw you off. Of course his health will return. It's a HARD game.

The Spider Boss is notoriously hard. It's like you need to fight his past 2 forms perfectly so you can afford a few hits.

So you can just imagine how aggravating it was during survival mode.

Just time your weapon swings and shield blocks.

It's hard but possible.

MC suggested to me that the best weapon is the AX or Scyth. Something with reach.


2011-05-30 23:33:27

K thanks. Finally beat the game with ur help.


2017-05-18 15:54:45

How i get the Bonus Round again?

JakBaronKing responds:

You have to collect a certain number of coins per level.

I think generally you should aim for 200 coins to be safe. But with the speed dash behind combo strategy it's easy.

Then when you get to the 'destroy tank' bonus level, just keep wailing on it until your first 'speed dash' special. That adds the combo meter up. You can repeat it until the tank is destroyed.