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My Little Pony: Goodbye Derpy Hooves?

2012-02-25 01:35:10 by JakBaronKing

update: 3 hours after the "save Derpy" animation went on youtube.

Holy shit...over 100,000 people has written, emailed, and called Hasbro.

They said...OKAY we'll look into this!

Let's just see what happens.

-------------Old stuff pertaining to the results----------

I have become a HUGE "My Little Pony" fan since the new show premiered with awesome animation, unique characters, and a loving story of a theme of 'love & tolerance'.

Well...apparently this has not been the case for a 'particular' MLP character that has caught the attention of fans and admirers.

"Derpy Hooves" has been the fan given name for a unique animated flop that quickly became a sensation due to her unique goggly-eyes. Since then, she has been a sorta 'Where is Waldo' secret background character and has even earned herself a quick little speaking line in an episode "The Last Round-Up".

This is a complete JOY to all the fans of the clumsy and lovable mare.

But something went horribly wrong.

HASBRO - for reasons unclear and speculated, has decided to remove the episode from iTunes and Broadcasting and re-edited the scene with a new voice, name unmentioned, and EYES UN-DERPED.

Why? Why would they remove such a lovable character from a kids cartoon show?

Considering how many 'other' male based characters there are out there on television who act just as if not MORE asinine and comical than her.

What are these reasons? Why would Hasbro remove and change what has been a loving dedication to fans!?

How many male characters on TV are there that act stupid?

Oh...about hundred of them!

But the first time a female 'dopey' character becomes a sensation, 'PEOPLE' get upset.

So much for 'Love and Tolerance'.


I mean come on!

If they remove Derpy Hooves, they would pretty much have to remove all the other 'stupid' characters on TV.

These Characters are genuinely considered 'Retarded' or 'Stupid'.

Homer - The Simpsons
Officer Wiggems - The Simpsons
Ralph Wiggems - The Simpsons
Ed - Ed Edd n Eddy
Billy - Billy and Mandy
Pinkey - Pinkey and the Brain
Fry - Futurama
Daffy Duck - Looney Tunes
Goofy - Disney

Even the names "Daffy" and "Goofy" are words of direct meaning to silliness.

"Derp" is an internet created term often used for casual cellphone chatting.

ex: "I just derped on my math test".

There's something wrong with this world.

Derpy's removal is an example that people just don't know how to be loving and tolerable and basically just like to bitch.


Well...goodbye Derpy Hooves

Another issue is the word..."Derp". Why is that such an offense word?

It's like calling someone 'gay' has generally been considered a word for derogatory insult. But that's changing.

So...really now. The word is made up. It's like calling someone 'Goofy' is suddenly offense.

This is so stupid man.

I want to fight for this.

1. For gender equality.
2. For the right of name 'not' being offensive.
3. For the love of animation fan-service.
4. For that lovable goof-ball.


If any animators fans of the show are reading this...I have an idea.

You should ANIMATE 'BaldDumboRat' vocal of her playing Derpy Hooves in any of her videos.

Then post it one the web.

This will hopefully get the message that...well...this is stupid and we want Derpy back.

Worth a shot. And she does voice the bit VERY well.


update: YES! Someone listened!

Thanks Alfa995

work in progress.

ALRIGHT! Thanks 47times


It's working...it's working :D

My Little Pony: Goodbye Derpy Hooves?


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2012-02-25 03:11:08

Some retarded kids mother must have complained.


2012-02-25 04:15:41

I mean some kids retarded mother must have complained.

JakBaronKing responds:

Probably, but it's most likely the fans themselves.


2012-02-25 08:23:56

They changed her voice because people complained about it being insulting to mentally challenged people. What's funny is that the fanon Derpy was exactly that. These bronies get exactly what they created and then complain about it. And now they're complaining about it getting changed. hurr durr?
Most of this fandom is such garbage...

(Updated ) JakBaronKing responds:

I find this strange how fickle the fans are. I mean, she doesn't sound any different than any other charming goof-ball on TV..

The character is suppose to sound silly and somewhat slow.

The animators listened to us, we should be more respectful they went that's extra mile.

And not be so nit picky.

That isn't the message we want to present. The show is about being loving and tolerable of others. It's like saying to kids that it's not okay to be stupid.

We can't deny that we do stupid things sometimes. And it's important to encourage a message that coveys patience and acceptance of our imperfections.


2012-02-25 11:24:25

thats the problem with the US in general. We find shit to bitch about, to occupy ourselves with nonsense instead of reacting to our country crumble around us.

(Updated ) JakBaronKing responds:

We live in a 'reaction' type of level of consciousness too.

Too many people choose to react problematically or are unknowingly bigoted.

The problem lies in the people's way of thinking.


I'm also surprised that the first time fans were reached out to, they bitched and back-lashed.

I thought it was AWESOME that they made Derpy into an official character.

Now it's just shit to bitch about by people who don't have lives.


Although, counterproductively enough, me defending this case is 'me'...'finding shit to bitch about.'

huh....go figure.


2012-02-25 18:46:20


JakBaronKing responds:

I found her boy-ish voice to be adorable.

And it didn't sound retarded to me.

But from what I hear, this will be the last time we'll ever see Derpy's name being mentioned.


2012-02-25 22:01:52

"If they remove Derpy Hooves, they would pretty much have to remove all the other 'stupid' characters on TV.
These Characters are genuinely considered 'Retarded' or 'Stupid'.
Homer - The Simpsons
Officer Wiggems - The Simpsons
Ralph Wiggems - The Simpsons
Ed - Ed Edd n Eddy
Billy - Billy and Mandy
Pinkey - Pinkey and the Brain
Fry - Futurama
Daffy Duck - Looney Tunes
Goofy - Disney"

Honestly, it probably mostly has to do with its target audience. The Simpsons has been fluctuating between TV-PG to 14 for its entire duration on tv (post tv ratings). Same with Futurama. They get away with it due to their "rating." I mean, Beavis and Butthead came BACK, but you slap a TV-14 rating, and you can't really complain. The warning's on there! If you complain, well, you should have payed attention to the beginning. It's right there. Even back when it first aired, it had a lengthy disclaimer.

Ed, Edd, and Eddy is rated Y-7 and aired on a paid cable network that's a little more lenient with censorship. Same with Billy and Mandy. (I mean, Cartoon Network's Adult Swim airs a slightly more uncensored Family Guy than its Fox airing does. It can get away with that because it's on a paid cable network as opposed to a free network like Fox.

Animaniacs existed at a different time before censorship got much tighter. If you watch the show back before it ended, it even spoke of the censorship getting heavier on them. Animaniacs doesn't even air in syndication on US television anymore. That's the same for Daffy and Goofy toons. Daffy had to have his personality revamped to still be featured in new cartoons. I don't even know if Goofy toons still air unless on a premium cable network. Now the only way to see those cartoons are with heavy editing, on paid cable, or uncensored on DVD.

My Little Pony is marketed to a TV-Y audience (which usually means like babies to 6) and the entire franchise only exists to market toys to children. I know the fan base is way older and loves the show for their own reasons, but having a "mentally handicapped" or "stupid" character just doesn't seem PC for what is perceived as a children's show. I'm not defending it, but I understand it. It's all about who to please, and that's the parents of your target audience. If not, who would buy them toys?!

It sucks, but it's all about the money. Everything. It's all business. :S

(Updated ) JakBaronKing responds:

This is an incredibly insightful response!

But I seem to recall growing up that even "Fairly Odd Parents" ratings went from "Y" to "Y7" due to the behavioral patterns of Cosmo and Dad.

So with that being logically stated an all...Hasbro essentially wants to keep pushing this show to younger kids when it's already been widely accepted as a popular show for an older audience?

So...if they 'really' wanted to keep Derpy, all they would have to do is change the ratings?

Makes sense right? But like you said, it's all about trying to fund the business.

And it DOES suck.
And aren't most parents fans too? Wouldn't they find something wrong if a show has tried too hide what could very well be...the most important lesson to teach children?

We can be accepting of all types. We can love and tolerate others no matter who they are.


2012-02-27 16:03:09


JakBaronKing responds:

lol - you'll come around soon enough.


2012-02-27 16:30:24

actually when I stated "finding shit to bitch about" I was referring to the fanbase that took offense to the new voice... I wasn't referring to you.

But hey if you zoom out on this 'google maps of an argument', its a fuckin cartoon, so it silliness from both sides.

(Updated ) JakBaronKing responds:

Oh I know that.

We are tight like that. And 'homies' are honest and real with each-other.

So I welcome any constructive criticism if you have any.


Cartoon or not, it does have significant meaning to some people. Sure you can say bigotedly to anyone you feel ashamed stating that they 'have no lives.'

"Meaningful Things mean Differently to Different People." But we can all heartily say we can understand the emotion, but 'not' the point of view.

But for some like myself, I love animation and the integrity of creative freedom.

This show has had a rare opportunity to branch out in ways that we would 'never' see before.

And I would like to defend it. Primarily for creative freedom.

But I'm not going to 'get all crazy' about it.

And besides...there really is something special about this show.

I intend to keep my iTunes copies of them filed away so I can show my future children to learn from.

The show was actually meant for adults and parents, and for the ones seeking emotional uplifting and heart.


Derpy is also a special character in pop-culture media.

It would be worth seeing what might happen as a result of everyone who has contribute to creating a character simply from fan-dome.

A character created by everyone?

And from what I was reading, this character might change the perspective of future animation shows and their content.

Whether the reasons are for the fairness of the mentally or physically disabled, or simply for the right of creative freedom.


What an....intriguing conundrum.


2012-02-27 16:49:25

This is fucking gay dude, how old are you again?

(Updated ) JakBaronKing responds:


That's exactly what I'm talking about.

You use the word "gay" as a derogatory context.

It has nothing to do with words. But the emotion and intent behind such words.

Even non-censored TV words can be applied very cruelly and subjectively bias.


It's people who are cruel or insensitive.

Not the words themselves.


2012-02-28 09:42:27

lol he got you there Brometheus

(Updated ) JakBaronKing responds:

Thanks man.

Wow...what a shit storm.

I'm not taking any credit for this.

I just sent the email suggestion to 47times to get the animation done.

My contribution is like a butterfly effect man...and I was the butterfly.

Amazing how fast the internet works.


2012-03-02 23:33:55

You know, bottom line is that the unedited version of Derpy Hooves aired to millions of viewers on TV and every brony who saw it live or at home later that week all collectively had their "Oh crap!" squee moment. That'll never be taken away from us. Now there's a second version out that'll be on itunes and reruns. No big deal, in fact, this tells us exactly where the line is and just how aware Hasbro actually is aware of us. They let the old versions still be on youtube.com, even though they spent money editing that same episode to put on itunes. But now it's like we have an entirely alternate Derp to obsess over or ignore. Maybe Derpy won't have anymore spoken lines in the future, but we we still had our moment. Maybe she lives in a parallel universe where she thinks she acts and talks normally (like in the edit) but everyone else in ponyville sees her as "Derpy," a nickname no one's ever called her before (in her edited universe). I like that idea more and more, but either way we had our moment. It's not too big of a deal and pretty clear indication that Studio B really loves the fans, and Hasbro is willing to tolerate our craziness to unprecedented levels.

JakBaronKing responds:

You've just soothed the storm in my heart.

Hasbro did act out of fear since they are just making a come-back. And I suppose it was a very special moment to cherish.

I suppose we can 'love & tolerate' this incident.



2013-03-15 14:17:26

The logic of Hasbro is STUPID!
Since the Hasbro company took away Derpy they should take away Rainbow Dash aswell. Since the rainbow color is associated with people that are homosexual. WTF Hasbro, something as subtle and impossible to discover as Derpy gets removed because some IDIOTS that got "offended" while NO ONE complains about Rainbow Dash. WHAT THE ACTUAL FUCK Hasbro, WHAT THE FUCK!