Entry #198

Dishonored - 5 STARS

2012-10-13 10:47:51 by JakBaronKing

If you love sneaking about or just having dark powers that would make a demon jealous....then Dishonored is the game for you!

What will you do?

Will you be patient and listen? Forgiving and Merciful?

Or will you seek revenge? Torturing and killing in a variety of 'creative' ways.

Will you be quick and silent, invisible and in the shadows?

Or will you be guns' blazing and magic powers blasting?

You have allot of ways to play this game.

*Despite how dark the game looks, you can get the very hard to achieve good / happy ending.

And you don't have to kill anyone. Not even your assassinated targets.


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2012-10-13 11:35:42

Ya know. I pre-ordered this game.
Got it the day it came out.
And still I have YET to play it. I don't know why but I keep falling asleep out of nowhere in the day and it eats up a lot of time and when I wake up I'm only awake for a few more hours then I have to go to sleep to take my brother to school...it really annoys me because I keep wanting to play it. But I also want to beat another game I've been putting off and putting off and thats Wolfenstein. I also got the Sly Cooper Collection thing and I haven't even beaten the first Sly Cooper game....
stupid fucking crab level.....