Entry #203

I'm Never Eating Papa Johns Again

2012-11-15 17:20:20 by JakBaronKing

Fucker won't even pay his employees health insurance.

Yet he gives away 2 million free pizzas every year.

The guy owns a mansion with a moat. And a revolving floor for his limos.

He has more money than he could spend in a life time.

Fun Fact: If you average the cost of all the ingredients to make a large size pepperoni pizza.
It only comes out to $2 to make. Pizza is charged for $10 dollars cheapest.
That's nearly a 500% profit!
That's how much money this fucker is making.
And that's basically how much of a profit these fast food joints are making.

*Start cooking for yourselves more often, make your own pizza and burgers.

If you have the yard space, I would highly recommend you get into gardening and grow your own veggies too.


Rich Greedy Bastards like him, Donald Trump, etc.

They could literally MOVE MOUNTAINS with the money they make.

Yet they rather move themselves onto that mountain, and build a moat and live it up like they are kings of the 14th century.

I bet if even only 5% of what they are making gets donated to cancer research, they would've already found a cure by now.

Or if the Family Guy episode is correct, a wealthy pharmaceutical company already found a cure.
But decided that treating cancer is more profitable than curing it.

Fucking Greed. That's all it is.


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2012-11-15 17:26:25

You shouldn't eat pizza anyway. It makes you fat.

JakBaronKing responds:

Oddly enough, making your own pizza from scratch doesn't.

Especially if you are conscious about the ingredients you use.

Olive Oil instead of Canola oil etc.
Low fat cheese and more sauce.
Mushrooms instead of sausages.

Ideally, Pizza can be very healthy if you use 100% whole grain wheat flour.


2012-11-15 17:31:24

All of these places people have problems with seem to be places I never eat at. So I'm with ya on that. Never giving them my money.

JakBaronKing responds:

If you really want to help this economy, buy things things from local markets or farmer markets.

Hell, even grow your own and save your money.

There are a ton of videos that are very helpful. And the sooner you start the better.

Crops are an investment, they take time. But once they are there, they are yours!


2012-11-17 02:01:58

My uncle is an engineer, he can half-ass the construction materials and get a nice kick-back from our government's budget (which a lot of people does btw) but he doesn't because he likes to remain a good person. The other mofos on the other hand has great houses and many cars and eats fancy and blows big bucks on casinos and my uncle doesn't. Now which uncle would you want to be Jak? And for what reason?

(Updated ) JakBaronKing responds:

I'm not sure this relates to the situation.

Papa John is using the election as an excuse to charge more for his Pizzas or an excuse to NOT pay his employees the health insurance they deserve.

His employees are probably very hard working and risk driving and cooking without employee health insurance.

But for what's its worth. I can see the potential greed can have on people. For those who have less and more.

A loose translation of a Buddhist parable *re-translated in my terms.

"If you drop a million dollars in the busy street of bad people, you can see the chaos. People hitting, killing, etc. - If you drop a million dollars in front of a kind person, he'll ask if it's belongs to you first before intending to donate it to charity. It's not money he earned, but he will direct it where it's needed most if no one else claims it."

Money itself isn't evil. It's the people who are suddenly given power or a circumstance they suddenly desire to exploit it.

Without proper mindset and foresight, anyone who is suddenly given 'money' will often find ways to abuse it. God knows I have.

I respect and admire your uncle's lifestyle, and hopefully others will follow his example.

I guess mofo's exist everywhere. It's up to all of us to make them see that there is a more positive way to use their wealth.


2012-11-20 16:07:08

Hmmmm, if i was rich i'd probably spend a lot of money on senseless stuff that won't help or hurt anybody. Imagine the possibilities of lots of cash, you can commission your facourite artists to make you some insane art. I always dreamed of a garden filled with life size marble sculptures of beautiful women shitting and urinating. Or maybe make novelty food and mass produce them for markets. For example, make a new brand of potato chips that claims to be the fattest most nutritiounaly worthless food of all and guarantees to make you fat faster than any other brand out there, that it has the vilest presercatives and the most sickening alternative-ingredients guaranteed to fuck up your body in no time. And because you are filthy rich you'll find a way to sell it on stores and people will buy them because they're tasty not because they are promising to be healthier than the next bag of chips. Or maybe fund a game console that uses that cool 4-d technology with moving seats and an insane gameplay with optional adult material that can be unlocked. I think the best thing about being rich is not having to think about getting money because you already have so much of it that you'll be insane not to do what it is you do for fun.