Entry #210

December 21, 2012 (December 7/21) soon....

2012-12-07 05:33:00 by JakBaronKing

Forgiving pure evil.

Can you really forgive a rapist, a murderer, one who's mind and heart have truly gone?

It's hard to think about isn't it.

We often take pleasure in fiction that portrays heroic deeds killing off a villainous person, although usually their demise is ended by an ironic fate.

Media has played a large role in wiring our brain in a certain way.

But if the mind was truly free...we have complete freedom to think of new and interesting ways.

But for all I know, this is all just a bunch of hooey.

But for what it's worth.

I truly believe in the potential of achieving world peace. World prosperity. Riches for all.

We could still enjoy watching our fiction and such. But ideas are powerful. We must learn to step outside ourselves and observe our actions, thoughts, and behaviors. I suppose if world peace was ever achieved, fiction in all it's 'context' would still exist, but 'how & why' we enjoy or dislike them is purely based on our inhibitions and behavior. Ex: a person might say 'COOL' when watching a gore film. Where another might say 'Eww' or 'Oh No!' when watching the same thing.

Thankfully, we are all different, and by observing the differences, we can gain perspective.


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