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December 21, 2012 (December 10/21) soon....

2012-12-10 01:45:33 by JakBaronKing

Exist any way you want. Find harmony in your life.


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2012-12-10 02:17:33

No. Just. No. This was made by people who thought they could read a Mayan Calendar. Not Christians. Or any other religion, for that matter. Anyone who believes in this idiocy is a fool.

JakBaronKing responds:

So did the people who said Global Warming is a myth.

I'm not sure if I myself really believe in a cosmic change.

But I do know that our world really needs a good 'fixer upper'.

I find that there are many things that could be improved. And if people keep staying complacent with the way things are. We'll never grow.

Forget Religion for a moment. Just focus on what you think you should do with your life.


2012-12-10 02:53:59

Self improvement is a laudable, worthy goal. And like all good things, takes time to perfect.
Prophecy and spirituality has been used for idiocy, but you can't deny there are things you cannot see at work in the world, and we are not advanced enough to see it yet.

(Updated ) JakBaronKing responds:

To me?

Theology and accuracy of Dogma means nothing.

Buddha said so himself.

Theology isn't important. Improving the self is.

This world has too much 'shielded' pain and suffering. People's perspective is GREATLY tunneled. And those who are aware are taught to be complacent with it.

I hope that we'll keep finding ways to improve.

We have made improvements. But there is so much more to do!