Entry #231

Getting Started...productivity

2012-12-31 16:17:20 by JakBaronKing

The secret is to just get 'started'.

Just like how a video game or Facebook is addictive. It is physiologically compulsive to have people want to 'finish' what they start. But media is super quick so we achieve this 'high' whenever we 'achieve' something.

Here's a quick list of things that can be accomplished in a short 15 mins. to 1 hour.

-Pay your bills
-Organize your taxes
-Clean your yard
-Cook a meal
-Practice your art/music/animation

Shorter and more 'dedicated' actions daily are more effective than pulling a long day event.


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2013-01-02 11:26:56

my profile says im a blank slate, can i change that?


2013-01-02 12:11:12

I made a list and it took me the whole week to finish it, SMH. I'm getting better though. That first video really helped me when I saw it on your other post.