Entry #232

Clarity on "Accession"

2013-01-02 21:38:11 by JakBaronKing

So unfortunately no 'on/off' space magic or anything like that.

"Before you build a roof over your house, you need to build the foundation."


Start each day with something proactive and enriching. If certain activities do not actually make you feel enriching, I would suggest not doing them.

Ex: You may think video game are fun and challenging. But if they make you too frustrated, they could impede your health. Video games in perspective are after all, designed to make you win at some point. But in my opinion, most games steed your 'ego' and sense of 'self-pride' to meet up to the challenge. It's physiologically makes you to want to play. That's what games are. But unfortunately, video games are not exercise based, so our stamina is matched only by our ability to 'sit in one place'.


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2013-01-02 22:33:19

Jordan's a good kid, and he's bringing New Age info into the internet age, quite tastefully.
If that was his idea of a 'flame' video, he's on the right track.