Entry #233

...You Bastards *sniff...it's hard to see this. WARNING.

2013-01-04 06:26:45 by JakBaronKing



My Buddha nature wants me to see the love in all.

But how do you love drunk bastards like them?

This is no different than ancient civilization times. When Romans invaded and raped villagers.

Or when in Hiroshima, soldiers raped innocent school girls.

Rape is the most evil crime I can think of.

And alcohol can bring out our inner selves.

And many of us should not let that out.

I don't want to share these videos....cause it breaks my heart.

I am losing faith in humanity.

But DON'T!

Because as soon as you lose faith in others, you lose faith in yourselves. AND NOTHING WILL GET BETTER.

These boys should deserve punishment.

The wolves of society will have at them.

But again. My Buddha nature taught me not to hate.

I don't want to hate. Hate creates more hate.

It's an emotional energy that feeds off of each other.

And nothing will be learned.

Is that what we've been reduced to? Worshiping false heroes and letting their sins slide by.

I need to meditate on this.

....*30 minutes later.

Sometimes I wish all people could be psychic and sensitive to empathy. That all pain and happiness could be felt. And that cruelty dealt to others is like a double edge sword, hurting the attacker as much the victim.

Considering the state of our world now...can you imagine how much that would actually HURT?

Those people....those rapist above have no feelings. They have no sympathy. No empathy. They are drunk bastards. Numbed by the intoxication of alcohol and boasting to cover their inhibitions and anxieties. Exerting themselves through cruelty to justify their existence.

And they all had the potential to be 'US' as well. We are no different in potential of becoming monsters. Just as they are no different of well...not being rapists.


But it's too late now. The act is done.

If they could feel just a fraction of what she felt when she woke up. Then no one would want to rape, or kill, or cheat, or deceive, or .....

What we do to others....we do to ourselves.

Hopefully you will learn and others can learn from this. But the damage is great.

Very very great. Very............very great.


What we do to others....we do to ourselves.

There is still hope though.

...You Bastards *sniff...it's hard to see this. WARNING.


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2013-01-04 07:51:16

Woe unto he who has seen evil, for evil sees into him more clearly.
Didn't see the videos or read into the back-story, but, yeah, decadent culture and all.... which can probably be attributed to a gross lack of accountability, of the famous and super wealthy. Coveting the power of these soulless lords, persuade the general population to indulge in their behavior.
People have always acted this way. Unbiased adherence to the law and the reach of civilization, help to counter such behavior.


2013-01-04 07:52:11

okay iuo