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GOKU vs SUPERMAN - *(finally, we can stop arguing about it)

2013-01-11 06:04:29 by JakBaronKing

If you EVER want to know who would most likely win in a one-to-one fight.

Watch this. It has accurate math and EVERYTHING.

Fans don't cry if your boy didn't win.

It all makes perfect sense if you do the math.

Besides, both heroes are great in their own respect.

And it is technically true that no one is 'truly' better.

Just different.

In this case, one is different because they can win at a one-to-one fight.


Have fun nerd-raging.

GOKU vs SUPERMAN - *(finally, we can stop arguing about it)


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2013-01-11 11:16:23

THAT WAS AWESOME!! Thanks for sharing!


2013-01-11 15:37:58

It was fascinating before my computer's lack of memory gave out (10 year old laptop), but I could never understand the schlong measuring. Super heroes can only be evaluated in their own rights (comic books, movies, etc) against their own villains/obstacles. I like the stats they were bringing up and the dedication to accuracy!