Entry #236

Got the Flu? I sure did. Eat Pumpkin Soup

2013-01-28 03:30:50 by JakBaronKing

Drink - Rooibos Tea *Republic of Tea or Numi Tea

Eat - Spicy Pumpkin Soup

Spicy Pumpkin Soup

1.5-1 ratio of Chicken Soup and Pumpkin Puree
Pinches of fine ground Spices - Thyme, Cinnamon, Black Pepper, Nutmeg, or any spices you see fit.
Add salt to taste.

That's the easy way...but if you wanna nerd about it...Follow the Zelda recipe.


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2013-01-29 02:33:41

yknow, their eyes there....his are like sad and his smile looks like it's getting ready to drop any seconds......while her eyes, if you cover the mouth....are actually somewhat morose. or perhaps more "i really wish i wasn't here"


2013-02-03 09:45:17

I had pumpkin soup... years ago. Old world recipes were usually made by folks who've been hungry or have had plenty of hungry mouths to feed. Kinda sad... morning TV shows and some of Food network's programming - they seem to cater to the upper-middle class housewife and not the poor farmer, who would have tons of produce (like me).

:< Should've tried freezing all those bell peppers as-is..... same with the tomatoes. A mom with a shit-ton of kids told me about that (well after harvest).


2013-02-07 01:00:50

Thats an awesome vid. Hey, look what I herd on Pandora. Thought ud like it


JakBaronKing responds:

Oh man I love that beat.

Head bobbing all the way man.

Dig it.