Entry #238

So I'm thinking of getting Lasix Eye Surgery.

2013-02-22 02:23:14 by JakBaronKing

My vision has gotten worst this year, I can't even go surfing without seeing the horizon of the ocean.
And prescription goggles are terrible for my sinuses.

My doctor recommended Lasix Eye Surgery. Insurance might help cover it since it hinders performance in my work.

But damn, it's scary looking. You ARE getting your eyeballs cut open.

What do you guys think? And have any of you NG members ever gotten Lasix Eye Surgery?

I hear both good things and bad things from it. Like it hurts terribly for the first few months, or it only last for 10 years.


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2013-02-22 02:30:52

Leary of it myself. They been doing it in the EU countries for a while. It's worth putting up a post in General about it, though everyones eyes are different.

They don't cut 'n sew back, do they? It's just lasers deforming the back of the eye so the focus is more precise.

One thing to look into: corrective contact lenses. Wear them for a few months and they do roughly the same thing as Lasix, though the lenses are rather pricey. They reshape the eye while wearing them during the day. Heard this from a work-mate 6 years ago, so maybe the price has dropped.

JakBaronKing responds:

Yeah but I swim, and contact lenses wash out.

And if I was to wear goggles, they could crack or I could lose them.


2013-02-23 00:05:35

To live is to risk. You had goggles crack? Owwie.
Hope you make a choice soon... can't wait to get new contacts; the glasses I'm wearing now are older than most ppl on this site!

JakBaronKing responds:

To live is to risk.

Yeah your right.

I shouldn't be scared of a medical procedure I suppose.

There are far worst things to be scared of.


2013-02-24 15:29:02

hmm, I can see why this bothers you. I had a friend who got lazer eye surgery, and he said it was nothing. lol, man, you shouldn't watch the video. Thats like "looking down" Don't look down! xD

JakBaronKing responds:

Yeah but this isn't like crossing a bridge or jumping in a cold swimming pool.

This is a big decision for me.

Especially since my biggest phobia is blindness.

Though it is comforting to know that all that we perceive is essentially an illusion of what our eyes can see.

http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ev QsOFQju08


2013-02-27 08:21:22

That video's awesome! I do think its a language barrier

Also, I can understand that. What would give me confidence is knowing the statistics, how rarely the procedure goes wrong. Like how statistically its way safer to travel in a plane then a car.