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Bioshock Infinite was AWESOME!!!!

2013-03-30 19:40:43 by JakBaronKing

*(Very Minor Spoilers in this Review)

Here's the plot.

What if in another world...existed a flying city where the idealisms of 'racial & religious' purity took precedence above all others.

And with enough money and power, such idealisms were 'severely' enforced.

Well that's the alternate reality in Bioshock infinite - a supposed prequel to Bioshock 1&2.

A marvelous city that has once again seceded from the world in pursuit of individual goals of ethics & science *in Bioshock 1&2, or in this case, race & religion.

This game...is "Racist" and for good reason. It's to show players the ugly side of intolerance and the disparaging attitude towards others simply because of their race or religion.

There's a twist...it also shows that justice cannot be attained through violent rebellion also.

But that was often the cases with rebellions. "You pin a dog down long enough and hard enough, eventually he'll want to bite back."

Such is the case with this game. It shows the constants & variations of perspectives that allow the player to see things in a new light.

Borrowing themes from "Alice in Wonderland" & "Wizard of OZ" this is a game for the intellectual thinkers and the hardcore gamer shooters.

Worth the wait..."Bioshock Infinite" is a MUST HAVE!!!


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2013-03-30 20:11:25

I read an article about the founder of of Irrational in a recent subscription of Wired. The guy was certifiably looney in his attention to detail (aside from BS2 of course). Tons of work got scraped because of his vision for the game... like the Spruce Goose of video games. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Howard_Hughes#H-4 _Hercules
The one thing that struck me (from the article/interview): to make the girl as human as possible, with regard to facial expressions, at the right times and places... sounded like a tall order.
You playing this on PC? Wish I had the gear to play modern games :(


2013-04-03 21:08:31



2013-04-05 13:36:08

Just finished it a few days ago. WOAH. I enoyed every last second of it. The twist at the end, the story telling, the scenery, the world. Flawless. I love how they managed to link this game to the 1st BioShock... sneaky.

Now time for more Battleblock!

(Updated ) JakBaronKing responds:

Oh! You have XBL?

Please tell me your XBL username!


2013-04-05 15:58:54

That was really nice of you to help Sabsy out with points to get BBT, makes me wanna get an xbox too.

JakBaronKing responds:

Oh but she's awesome! She helped me become a Beta Tester for BBT.


2013-04-05 17:43:03

Don't suppose you could make it to this month's Pico party, could you? If all goes well, I may try and stick around to meet Sab, idk... first NG meet for me, so I'll pay it by ear.


2013-04-05 17:44:40

* play it by ear... though the costs (pay) are what's keeping me from staying longer, probably just drive in Saturday, sleep in the truck then meet for breakfast goodbyes O_o