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I just had my Lasik Eye Surgery

2013-04-11 02:26:53 by JakBaronKing

As I mentioned a few posts ago...my vision was getting worse.

I couldn't see ANYTHING without my glasses.

My sight was no better than Beer Goggles.

And I couldn't swim in the ocean anymore. I couldn't see the horizon from the sea.

Well enough was enough and I decided to finally get Lasik Eye Surgery.

My eye surgery used a 'cool' laser as oppose to the old fashion 'razor blade' method. It's far more efficient and safer.

So now that you understand a little bit of how Lasik works...this is basically how my procedure went.

And now...my Eyes are like this.

- - - -

In reality, I was really really scared.


All they gave me was a relaxation pill and was 'instructed' to not move.

There are risks however and not everyone is able to get the surgery.

I'll have to see if my eyes adjust properly in a few weeks.

And I basically have to use special medicated eye drops.

This is my very first elective surgery.

And it was EXPENSIVE!!! But don't fall victim to 'on sale laser eye surgery'. It's most likely a scam.
I've been saving up for this surgery for almost 5 years.

Talk to your doctor and see which establishment offers the best possible equipment and the most experienced surgeons.

Your eyes are important, don't screw them up.

But it was well worth it. Cause...I CAN SEE CLEARLY NOW!

Update 4/10/13: My following check-up was a success! No problems. In fact, all is very well.

Here's how much my vision improved.

I was at 20/390 - That's really REALLY bad. Like a cartoon mole without glasses blind.

Now both my eyes are at 20/20

It's practically a miracle!

Update 4/13/13: Basic symptoms and side effects have started occurring.

-Sensitivity to light
-dry/sticky eye feeling
-trouble focusing immedeatly near and far * takes a few moments.

It's so important to NOT rub your eyes.

And you have to sleep with a protective plastic eye mask for about a week.

But for the most part. My eyes are okay.

Update: 4/19/13: Follow Up appointment was a success.

-My sensitivity to light is lessened.
-My vision is now a perfect 20/20
-And I don't have to sleep with an eye protection mask.

Getting Lasik was SO worth it - since before I was technically legally blind.

I just had my Lasik Eye Surgery


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2013-04-11 05:28:42

When do you back for a follow up exam? Wow glad to hear the initial effects are solid :)
...now you could wear a monocle o.Q How much per eye, if I may ask?

JakBaronKing responds:

I'm not saying how much my procedure costed.

But most 'good' places charge well over $4000 dollars.

But again, if you are considering this surgery, make extra extra sure you do your research.


2013-04-11 06:50:04

funniest newspost I've read in a long time.

JakBaronKing responds:

I've tried to make my situation funnier.


2013-04-11 09:37:45

Dude.man! Thats awesome! So glad it turned out well haha. I can't believe you had to be awake for the surgery, thats crazy. Some brave shit you just did Jak. How long did it take?

JakBaronKing responds:



2013-04-11 14:09:35

Wowzers! I can't believe they didn't put you out for that...!

I assume the local anesthesia would inhibit the natural 'twitchy' movements in your eyes-- I can't imagine the difficulty of purposefully NOT MOVING your eyes for so long-- especially with someone poking and prodding around for the whole procedure!

I'm glad you opted for the more contemporary versions of this surgery...!
lol I've heard from some elderly relatives that it used to be WAY worse. D:

P.S: My friend got the same thing done and ended up having to wear sunglasses indoors because his eyes were overly sensitive to light for a while (as a result of recovery) so his theme song was "I wear my sunglasses at night". haha

(Updated ) JakBaronKing responds:

There is nothing wrong with wearing glasses indoors.

Though I suspect your friend will eventually won't need those glasses.

The laser essentially burns through the eye so light better reaches the cornea.

So it's like seeing properly for the first time ever.


2013-04-11 14:38:48

I was actually thinking about getting Lasik for a while but decided I'll save it as a final way out, if nothing else works. Just being near-sighted isn't reason enough; there's still time to improve vision through exercise. I just need to get out more.

It seems like a scary procedure though. I know my dad had his eyes operated for glaucoma (Google translate, so I hope that's the right medical term for it), and he could see everything they did, cutting his lens open, seeing it back together, etcetc. It's scary imagining how just moving your head a bit or involuntarily moving your eye could cause them do make an error. A neighbor actually went blind in one eye from eye surgery so... there's definitely risks involved. Glad to hear it worked out for you though. Or I should say, congrats, on being able to see the world as it's meant to be seen!

How long did the procedure take btw?

JakBaronKing responds:

They do give you a relaxation pill. That 'does' help a bit.

So long as you have the self-control to stay still, you don't have to force your eyes open. There are clamps and suction devices and numbing drops.

See if you are a candidate.

My procedure took less than 5 minutes.