Entry #246

Well shoot, my flight got delayed

2013-05-03 10:48:42 by JakBaronKing

My flight from PA - Washington DC was delayed so by the time I arrived in DC my flight to Hawaii left.

So they had me stay in a hotel in DC for tomorrows one only flight.

Fuck I am tired now.


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2013-05-03 11:55:59

Damn airports, eh?


2013-05-03 12:31:06

OMG, it's like a week after the event... and yer still in Philly? What did you do during that time? Did you hang out at NG HQ this week, meet some new people?


2013-05-04 04:30:15

You could've spent those 16 hours between updates sleeping. :P


2013-05-05 02:02:10

it was cool meeting you dude. MERRY TRAVELS back to the motherland