Entry #247

Got back home finally.

2013-05-06 05:07:35 by JakBaronKing

And I'm tired as fuck. This jet-lag takes some getting used to.

It also didn't help that I had work the following day after I arrived.

But overall I really enjoyed Pico Day.

It helped me get inspired to do much more art and collaborations in the future.

But I think for the first few days I'm just going to crash and sleep.


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2013-05-06 06:33:09

Glad you made it home, safe and sound. Only advice I have for jetlag, is a hot shower, and what Bruce Willis did in Die Hard - massage a thick carpet with your toes!! Enjoy sleeping in your own bed dude, and thanks for coming out to see us!


2013-05-07 05:58:45

Seems you've been tired as fuck for more than a full week! About time for some snoozing.