Entry #249

I am sick....

2013-07-19 07:28:06 by JakBaronKing

Not the worst thing that could've happened to me but it still fuckin' sucks.

Been fighting a bug of some kind for the past week.

Not sure if it's getting better.

Ideally it's best not to take antibiotics if you can't help it.

But I sure as hell tempted to.

BUT I am gonna try these Probiotic Gummies first.

Apparently Probiotics are good for the common cold.

But don't get too excited yet.

It's still in research.


Feeling about 60-70% better.

Been eating minced garlic mixed with honey.

A bowl of chicken soup a day.

Lots of veggies.

Limit my sugar intake.


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2013-07-20 03:29:12

Update your newspost about this... actually, I hope the tummy part of your immune system can beat what's going on. But there's a certain amount of defenses that come from elsewhere. This is a sinus, fever kinda thing? Either way, do take care... maybe zinc supplements or lozenges as well?

I got sick for about 24 hours with a kidney stone, home alone, sweating, wracked with pain, this past Monday...

JakBaronKing responds:

Dude, being from Canada you must have free health insurance.

Get on it and take care of yourself.


2013-07-20 13:41:25

Oh no, I'm from the States, the midlands of New Jersey in fact! Since my Pop died in December, and my siblings have been acting their baby-boomer ages (badly), I've been suffering in ways I'm unaccustomed to... but knowing that now puts me in a better position to do something about it.

Notice any improvement yet? Hope there's no chills.. that's when you have to seriously consider antibiotics, and hope it (whatever 'it' is) can be beaten back in time, before you may need a course of IV antibiotics.

JakBaronKing responds:

Contrary to popular belief, antibiotics do not kill the cold virus.

They only kill the bacteria. But the problem is that antibiotics also kill the good bacteria.

But so far eating minced garlic with honey and a daily bowl of chicken broth seems to be helping ALLOT.

I hope you can get Health Care soon. Supposedly Obama care makes it super easy to get it.


2013-07-20 18:16:03

Oh it's a viral cold! Yeah, no need to take Tamiflu unless it's impacting your breathing or other critical systems. Sounds like what I'd be doing in your place, though I use honey daily for my morning tea... regular sugar isn't what it used to be, and does seem to eat my enamel :\

Not terribly sanguine about Obummercare, since doctors will have to do almost twice the volume (in patients) to get the amount of pay they earn now, and with cheaper prices comes reduced quality. As a Libra, I do hope for a future balance.

Usually with probiotics, you can taste the difference in your saliva and notice changes in stool... notice anything different? Weirdly, the ultimate probiotic, is a healthy persons poop O_O... glad time (and someone else's hard work) has vindicated my 20th century hypothesis.

JakBaronKing responds:

Probiotics DOES make your stool soft.

But you can counter the effects with a high-fiber diet.

So I only take allot of probiotics if I eat oatmeal mixed with nuts and flax seed.

And forget plain sugar. Switch to honey. And if you need to cut sugar out of your diet. Switch to Stevia leaf extract.


2013-07-28 21:35:19

u mad healthy smart yo! :P It's never a bad thing to be a health nerd. I should really develop some interest in that area. I'm glad your feeling better.