Entry #260

Holy Shit North Korea....that's just pure evil.

2014-02-19 05:07:52 by JakBaronKing

Up until recently are the gorey details of these 'Political Prision Camps' revealed.

Families up to the 3rd generation are imprisoned for one person's unknown crimes if at all.

Children are no exception.

The illustrations are depections from defect individuals and escapee's.

Watch with cauction. Seriously they might make you sick, sad, and heartbroken.

And if they do? GOOD. Then it shows your humanity. Thats the first step towards solving this problem.

And it begins with Kim Jong Un!

He and his league must be brought to justice!

And North Korean citizens suffering be recified and healed.

*(Fuckin' Dennis Rodman.)


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2014-02-19 09:19:27

Fear is a means of control, yup.

The Russians (Stalin) made the Chinese pull back, prolonging the (Korean) war... to keep the Western interests off his own campaign of terror. And before that, the Allied powers destabilized Africa and the middle-east, by imposing borders and Westernized leaders. We're all paying for the sins of our fathers.