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He feels empty inside.

Living in a society that doesn't excel his being.

Trapped in a world of debt so as to prevent him from feeling whole.

But what would happen if that emptiness was filled?

He would be unstoppable.

But for now...he's nothing more than a husk with question.

Until...that is....he can see.

beastkid7 responds:

Oh, but will he ever fill it? WE WILL SEE! Glad to have you along for the ride Jak! Can't wait to here what you think about the next one. Should be out in a few days

Neglect and the nuclear radiation has turned a lonely girl into a creepy flesh eating monster.

Sometimes I wonder what goes on in a child's head when they get to play certain roles in movies.
"Hey sweetie, can you act like a bear?"
"yeah! - GRRR"
"Okay now pretend you're a bear and your going to eat this person. Pretend he's made of candy!"

Congratulations you crazy kids!

Okay 'bub', let's go spread some Christmas Cheer.

Makes perfect sense.

Douglas Adams was probably off when he said that Dolphins were to leave earth.

Now penguins say "Thanks suckers for all the fish."

Put dat misletoe on mai Dick!

Holy Shit it's a freakin' Leviathian!

Or whatever...some sorta space whale.

Isn't it strange how myths and legends, no matter how far apart, seem to have similar stories and concepts?

moondevourer responds:

Chalk it up to human psychology, I suppose. I adore mythology, so I find all of the similarities and parallels to be infinitely fascinating. They also make great subject matter! x3

Fuck might as well.

Disney has their fingers in everyone's pie these days I wouldn't be surprised.

Well illustrated.

Gotta give you props man.

It just goes to show that you don't need a hot art program to make fine art.

You just need the desire to create.


And the winner should be determined by either a voting system or by playing the flash like a game. If you do certain commands or click on certain objects, your preferred character of choice has a better chance of 'surviving'.

There are other characters to add now too. Say like..."GroundCats & Commando-Canary"

If this was a Poster I would buy it.

Osuka responds:

Hahaha, making a movie like that will be a lot complicated, but I have to confess that I always wanted a game for console about NG characters fighting. A lot of characters to choose and release a lot of costumes DLCs to get more money like Capcom, cosyumes like the Larry Ballet suit (like in Larry ep1), Hank zombie costume, Nega Baron or Gooseman Lizard suit

I always imagined that, but I dont know hot to make games :(

"The best way to change the world is to first change yourself."

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