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Let's build a wall, AROUND Donald Trump.

aka Attack on Titan's style.

BabyFacePlant responds:

Haha that's actually not a bad idea for someone to draw... MAKE IT HAPPEN!!!

It's poetic.

But to some, might come across that a God figure is purely pointless.

Able to watch and observe but never interfere. Kinda like a nature documentarist.

What if other worldly beings once tried to influence our own lives only to realize that it made it worse?

Hmm...perhaps the God cannot enjoy himself knowing the motion he set. Debating wether or not interfering again would be beneficial or more harmful.

G3no responds:

well, the god here is actually able to go down , this piece was for a small comic idea that i wasn't sure to make it or not . and he doesn't want to '' enjoy'' himself because the god previous to him
was a fool so the heaven still held the fool's customs. the comic was meant to be a dream of matt , the kid i always draw

Human clones are genetically identical. But it's safe to assume that they are not the same person.

I'll have to check out Orphan Black, is it on Netflix?

I can tell by the tone of colors you are using that his character had a huge impact on you.

beastkid7 responds:

Yeah nurture plays a large part in this show.. larger than I actually think is true. Everything I've observed suggests that nature is far stronger than nurture. But it makes for a really good show and I could be wrong. Thanks for the rating!

After throughly analyzing "Steven Universe". It definitely has a feminine charm compared to most cartoon series and characters.

It's no Sailor Moon or Inuyasha, but a cute coming of age story about the imperfections we all have, even if those characters are etherial gem girls.

So far my favorite character is Pearl, in character design and personality. She looks delicate but she's basically a Samurai. And combining sword fighting with ballerina dancing is a top notch idea.
Plus she kinda looks like a bird with that nose and hair style.
She is also very motherly towards Steven.

Amethyst is a wild child. Contrary to what Amethysts usually represents, which i being calm and serene, Amethyst displays a carefree personality. Which could be 'her' way of being serene, even at the expense of being kinda messy.

Garnet is so stoic. She hardly gets to speak but often says very profound and intellectual things. I personally liked the older illustrations better but this new style is still very cool. Plus she's Black, got big hips and a big afro.

My favorite episode so far is the conversation Steven has with his dad, we learn a bit more about the back story of Steven's mother.

In most cultures, the Rose Quartz gem is a symbol of 'love'. Hence why Steven so far has never shown any signs of extreme anger and is unusually optimistic.

There is a speculation that the reason why Steven's gem glowed briefly when eating CookieCat IceCream is because Rose ate that same IceCream while she was preggers.

Draw the rest of them!

I can't wait to see how Rebecca Sugar plans to flesh out this world, where magical beings are just the norm in the world. No secret identity, just another day in Beach City.

I think the Music is the best part of the show so far.

- - -

Also, if I can somehow find some music I was thinking of having a collaboration of submissions of fans of the show.

Draw your own Crystal Gem!

There will be a list of hundreds of gems and you simply illustrate a character based on how the gem looks or it's representation.

beastkid7 responds:

Yeah, it does. It kind of shocked me at first, like I felt weird when the action music started playing and.. it was... a really girly ballad of sorts. lol Then, I was like, oh yeah.

Garnets my favorite, but I suppose I'm more like Pearl lol. She's my second fav from the show.

Can't wait to learn more about there back stories.

Ever wonder why in cartoons, some characters have unrealistic features and others do?

Like some have 4 fingers and others have 5 fingers.

Some have just dots for eyes and others have well defined eyes.

I suppose it makes certain characters more distinctive and unique. Easier to recognize.

I like the color choices. But you might be overusing red too much in most of your characters.

Try looking at some fashion magazines and get idea of color pallets and combinations.

beastkid7 responds:

Yeahman, I was just watching Dexter's Lab and thinking the same thing. Unlike Powerpuff girls the citizens are really detailed. Comically so, I think.

I don't even know the name of these characters, this was just a color exercise. I limited myself to those three colors. But, I do agree I use this pallet alot, fashion mags would be a good place to look for a broader sense of clothing style as well.

Might as well...fuck I've been seeing parents giving this to their preteen kids and they are either crying for joy or being a demanding brat.

But what shocks me is that these parents are sorta celebrating it for their kids.

They be taking pictures, posting videos responses on youtube like it's Christmas!

Fuck man. Doesn't "M" mean anything to these parents?

Part of the reason why so many people traded in "PayDay 2" is that the multiplayer is full of fucking KIDS!!!

Now I don't believe that video games cause gun shootings.

Damn right-wingers using videogames as a scapegoat so that the NRA can still stay in business.

But there is a study that shows that violent videogames 'do' encourage violent behavior.

And that children 'are' easily influenced by what they see or hear.

Just yesterday I was held at gunpoint by a 6 year old saying "I could shoot you - you know that right punk!"

Course he had a nerf gun. But I swear I heard that expression from somewhere before.

There was even a study conducted about children's perception of reality.

Up until the age of 6-12. Most children are not grounded in 'reality'.

They put a controller in front of several children and played actual video footage of a terrorist bombing.

And the kids were actually using the controllers to PLAY what they were seeing on the TV, actually thinking that the video carnage is of their own doing.

So fuck it humanity.

Make children broadcasting shows about how to make a meth lab, or shoot a hooker.

PBS do your worst because no kids are watching you anymore!


Asside from my rant, I do enjoy this parody.

But damn it, kids shouldn't be playing violent video games.

Not just for society, but because it's ruining it for actual adult gamers.

I HATE hearing those damn little trash talkers on multiplayers.

JohnnyUtah responds:

"i liked it" would have sufficed

Needs to be an episode. You voice.

Sabtastic responds:

That would be AWESOME.
Times like this I wish I had the time and talent for a full-length episode, even just for fun. XD

You've got a TinTin style going on.

It's a type of European art cartoon style.

beastkid7 responds:

Thanks man, I'm just drawn to that style, when it comes to simplicity. You should see different styles soon.


I used to do this all the time as a kid. I actually combined a Magnemite+Primape.

I drew like over 40 of them as a kid! I gotta see if I still kept my old drawings.

This seriously need to be your next flash collab.

Sabtastic responds:

Haha Aaaah that's awesome!
I used to mash up Digimon, but I think this is a first for me. xD

If you ever find those sketches, you should totally upload them!

More like your new profile picture.

I completely forgot how poetically awesome the X member Beast was.

He totally represents your own personality.

beastkid7 responds:

DUDE YES, haha I'm gona do that. I already put him as my DevArt icon. Yeah he's like dr. Jeckle and Mr. Hide at once.

"The best way to change the world is to first change yourself."

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