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That ending was F'ed up though

My brain was like...NO, wait, what? But then I laugh at it.

You otta submit it to the Frederator blog, it might get featured on their youtube channel Mathematical.

I was very impressed with the voice cast, I hope they do more episodes with Niel Patrick Harris.

nalem responds:

Thanks for the idea! :)

Yeah, the voice cast was boss. I got super giddy when I heard NPH sing. Squee.

You otta submit this to Frederator Studios!

They recently did this commercial featuring all the fan art that was submitted to them. It was freakin' awesome!

jouste responds:


yeah i saw that stuff! soooo cool, but they already got a ton of stuff.

thanks for the comment pal!


It's Jake....

Cujo style!

Bark Bark Bark

jouste responds:

you know it!


There's no Spider Icon.

That or it's VERY hard to recognize.

Try another version...maybe add some thorny spikes around his shoulders and head.

The feet might look cool if the back heel had a protruding spike.

And...what if Spiderman had....BLACK eyes like a real spider.

beastkid7 responds:

Thanx for the helpful Criticism

Yea, Its there in his torso, not really a spider -some typa insect lol. But at least I tried to put it ...others didn't.(anything goes its a redesign) But I really just implied it. rather than fully drawing it out.

That sounds pretty cool -thos thorns.

Thought of that, but I also thought that it would become an aesthetic that would slow him down rather then speed him up.

Tried that too LOL you should of seen me obsessing over colors! I went from bright yellow to army green, and also like a radio active green and red. (looked surprisingly good and would make sense) But I dint take the chance cuz im a wuss like that.

But, yea BLACK eyes looked awesome! But, dark, made him look very mysterious and emotionless even O_O ...didn't seem 'Spidey' to me.

I "JUST" found out WHO Dr. WHO is...

And it is the most AWESOME Sci-Fi I had ever seen!

But only the 2005-present holds my interest. The 80's stuff is a bit too slow for me.

I'm watching the Tenth Doctor season right now.

Mind answering a few questions I have on my homepage?

Neelesh responds:

I'll check it out

I'll be honest...

I would've never expected a prehistoric creature to look sexay!

Great job enhancing the trilobite's head as a bikini top.

You should draw the back side too, see how she looks from behind and how the armor works.

What's up with that background through?

supersexybeast responds:

i tried drawing an actual trilobite and failed miserably...-u-;; but thank you~

Love it.

Simply love it.

It's an emphasis of serenity in the circle of danger.

Like...you see the danger, but there is nothing to worry about, as you decent into the depths of your own mind. Anxieties fad away. And your at the mercy of those you fear : but you soon realize...there is nothing to be fearful of.

So you're at peace.

-That's my interpretation of this. (FAVED!)

1600 responds:

Wow thanks for the review! I'm glad you like it. :)

Oh my God. I remember that animation style

It probably was the cooler version of a Batman cartoon.

The style kinda had a budget, but it worked. It looked cool.

Your added facial expressions makes me want a new Batman animated in this style. But emphasis on the facial expressions. So it's like a comedy version. Get's all serious but then something stupid happens. So you make 'stupid-face'.

El-Cid responds:

You might be onto something I might be onto. :x

Sweeeet man.

Although I wonder if it would look better if some fog was forming around his mouth.
*(Since he's in the cold and all)

The armor is incredibly detailed.

He's a fierce warrior, yet this portrays a sense of....calm about him.

Perhaps he's stoic because he gets stoned :P


A version I illustrated had 'one' eye glowing through his helmet.

Nekow responds:

Yeah I tried going with the fog thing at first but it just took something away from the image so I went with the blackened out face/eyes instead. Thanks, man!

And that's why you never aim your guns in the air.

In a sense, this can work as a satire analogy.

Like...people rather be happy for themselves in the moment rather than for the benefit of the world for all of future history.

ToonHole responds:

Dunno why this gag came to me, but you made your reasoning sound really smart. I'ma steal it : )

"The best way to change the world is to first change yourself."

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