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nice, I bet you're a real hottie in person

Self-portraits are always a good sign of confidence. It allows us to be honest with ourselves and draw with just a 'hint' of extra comic book flair.

There's an expression..."If you were to be stuck on a deserted island, the only person you would have to get used to your own company."

I actually had a self-portrait once, but decided to delete it cause I felt it was 'too' exaggerated in muscle tone. I 'used' to be muscular. Now I'm a bit pudgy.

The artwork is anatomically correct, not too heavy on the shadowing where it may need it. Dramatic shadowing is what shines in comic book art.

And a crazier background would add distinction to your facial expression. Your appear calm, but the background could be bloodier.

VoicedPAINKILLER responds:

Lawl well yeah I honestly suck at backgrounds so I have to work on that WAY more.I hope I'll be able to get better and do so. I wanted to put more shadowing but I didn't do it I guess cause I was hurting after a while and I thought it would be too much. The expression isn't to my liking I should have worked at more but I have a very short attention span. But thank you again for the review luv.

Wait...wouldn't they be male then?

I'm just saying...cause then that would be even more hilarious.

ToonHole responds:

Are you calling sea horses gay?

Whatever possessed you...

it's worthy of the front page.

The interpretation could be endless.
"Demon, ghost, robot, innocent, possessed...."

Thus is the effect of the occasional 'untitled' art submission.

iVomit responds:

x] Thank you

I've always wondered what your drawing means

Your character persona has a patch on his heart and brain.

Does this mean you've gone through an emotional and mental transition as if you were injured and recovered?

RiverJordan responds:

Oh he's been like that forever... that could be a subconscious reason without me even knowing it :O


This is cool bro! It has amazing detail in the engraving.

Mind making a full 3D model of Red Baron? That would be SO AWESOME!!!

Osuka responds:

check my april fools post, show a 3D baron :3

You just make it seem so easy!

Don't they just make the perfect couple?

Didn't watch all the vids so just how long does it take on average to draw something like this?

My personal guess is about 3 days working at a casual pace.

It's pretty cool Sab.

Sabtastic responds:

Yeah, just about 3 days working 3-6 hours at a time. :D

Thanks for the always generous review! c:

A "what" now?

This is Japanese?

It's not the sun goddess is it? Cause I thought she was supposed to look more like a human with white skin holding a mirror.

Well...it does look cool. Good job with your 3D art skills. It's perfectly symmetrical. It just needs some tarnish buffering here and there to add realism and age.

Is it difficult illustrating in 3D?

VidGameDude responds:

first, no this isn't the sun goddess, what inspired me was to imagine what the leader of the cyber group known as anonymous would look like cause of all the mystery they have. Many believe they are beautiful on the outside what with their philosophical preaching and what not; but underneath the masks they have created they hide the ugly truth yet to those who follow it is nothing but legion and beauty even though they remain unknown.
it's quite hard to explain but they have always intrigued me to no end...

also it somewhat is a menial task that takes patience to even begin a concept.
about a week to build, and day or two to think up how textures would work well with the built creature. also i still need osuka to teach me lighting and better render techniques...

but wow, never thought you'd leave a review for my work...thanks!


Ridiculously cute, and I like the color implied

You are very skilled in using photoshop techniques. *if you do use Photoshop.

The background is just a "bit" blase. The hearts are too pixel-ed though, perhaps you could've smoothed them out.

supersexybeast responds:

i made the hearts on paint lol and i use sai i dont have photoshop if i did it'd be like ten times better haha ^^;

Alloy is back, and looking even better!

Wouldn't his back legs have wheels?
Since he can transform into a motorcycle.
Or maybe they fold in when he's in human form.

I would love to see the specs of how he transforms and such. I know it's not really logical or anatomically correct as most transformer toys but It would be cool to see how you can illustrate the sequence like you did with the Tank Transformer.

I'm glad Alloy isn't forgotten. Was he your "first" Robot persona in a sense?

MindChamber responds:

thanks, and yah, I would say Alloy is definitely my first, real robotic creation, something Simply didnt just draw, but added depth and story to, which to this point no one has really seen, but hopefully that will be changing.

If your sick, you should sleep.

Not stay up all night drawing.

Though I'm quite impressed that you CAN draw so well even under the weather.

It's really inspirational to those who don't draw out of laziness or lack of discipline.

Don't forget, Deadpool is AWARE that he is a cartoon character. You might just want to break the 4th wall in your next artwork.


Sabtastic responds:

I'm a boob-drawing extrordinaire!

.... lol I agree though. I really shouldn't stay up late all the time. I'm such a night-owl, though. It's a hard habbit to break! The cold is already getting better, though! Just powered through it.

I never knew Deadpool was aware of his cartoon-ness. That's really cool!! I could work with that!!

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