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Dude I'm loving this character!

He's certainly that Anti-Hero feel of the darker realms in Fantasy fiction.

The servant of an Necromancer rebelling? Ideas of flesh growing on bones have been done before say in "The Mummy" which I'm guessing was the inspiration?

But to implement it being a pun for his name is a gag that'll never get old.

Under pressure...I think you created a new and memorable character to your Artistic Roster.

Jazza responds:

thanks man, you're too kind ^_^

i'll be sure to check it out.

Man drawing comics has been my DREAM man.

It's probably a good thing for artists to do fan work. I think its what enables practice as for the necessary techniques to draw on the fly.

I'm sure this didn't take too long considering your talented abilities. Everything you make is awesomely frame-able...except when it isn't. :P

FYI-I'm probably the only one amongst my family and who enjoyed the Earthworm Jim TV series.

It was GROOVY!


jouste responds:

hey awesome! it would seem that you and i have very similar tastes my friend.

glad to hear that you too were a fan of the worm! hanks a pile for the high score and the comment!

*mega-return highfives*

I otta draw my character when I was younger.

I had a superhero too.

He was full of attitude and an electrifying personality.

It's good that you hold on to ideas and characters that are dear to you. You never know when some childhood inspiration will become memorable icons in the pop culture media.

You should upload a link to the original sketch you did when you were younger.

Sabtastic responds:

lol! Oh! That's a good idea...! I'll have a look-see and find some old sketches of mine.

Only the worst-possible one will do. xD

I'm playing Super Meat Boy now.

Most Amazing Jumping-Game ever!
It really immerses players into an intense platform game.
Ching Chong Beautiful should be the next indi-game release.

That Clock Day flash was really something, but it was basically a good story using clock day characters. But if Clock Day was the inspiration that's where it really matters.

Too bad about Leo & Satan being rejected for animation production. Maybe next year, because that show is hilarious.

Egoraptor was nice enough to explain the Girl-Chan series for me. Despite my disdain for the show, I was trying hard enough to understand the humor by watching it several times.

Larry is a new hero for the NG character roaster, same goes for Bitey of Brickenwood. Both Jazza and Adam represent the best of Australia's potential for high class animation in form of story telling and imagination.

Great Post Card Luis!

Luis responds:

Yeah, i wanted to introduce some of the newer standout series into this years postcards, i think one thing missing from last years card was acknowledging that the site lives off of the creations of its userbase. Pico and the rest of the ng-centric characters are still important and homegrown but i think the site always pushes towards embracing the newer franchises that people bring to the site.

Wouldn't she be better suited with "cat" ears then

the name "Cat"atrophe is in there.

Oddly proportioned in anatomy but you are great with coloring and lighting.

I especially love the hair and shines off the black. I myself have trouble with that.

It's good, just needs a bit of practice in anime anatomy.

supersexybeast responds:

oh my lanta thank you so much! and yes i know my anatomy sucks haha i couldn't figure out a way to fix it though and since i wasnt feeling all that well i just let it go

and i was originally gonna make her a cat but she seemed too much like catwoman :P she is a superhero, after all haha her name is catastrophe because after she stole a case of chanel perfumes the store owner called it "a complete catastrophe" and she didn't have a name then so she just went with it ^^

Very rarely do people continue art...

Using REAL art tools.

This is quite remarkable!

I dare say you should consider yourself more than competent with oil paints. *You still have to sound humble ;)

I especially like your clouds. I like clouds. And I don't know who this Marina Primera is. But using the clouds to express ecstasy is an excellent way to express the title.

At the point of glory you really feel like your flying don't you?

Sevens responds:

thank you,
I totally enjoy using old techniques and what has been given to me,
Clouds are awesome, always moving and shifting not knowing what it will be-
you totally know what I felt when I painted this.
Do I feel like I am flying? yeah... lol.

You need to enter in Luis' Mummy contest

Go ask Luis. He tend to hold these nifty little contests.

You would do well on it.

davestudio responds:

where? how?

Better than the Flash "Stick" product

The one where they actually put a flash stick inside of a wooden stick?

Now this is a cool idea because the idea of killing a zombie is to decapitate his head.

So you naturally do this with a flash drive.

Too bad if you lose the head.

Mayhaps you should have a pink stripped string attached and call it the spinal cord.

davestudio responds:

spinal cord loll good idea!!
and yup...painted flash drive, that's it!
Thanks for voting + comment :)

Sick anal sucking mushroom fuckers

Your sick and twisted dude.

But it's too funny as well! *But this one is just a bit sloppy. You could add more to this composition.

*Doesn't Princess Peach pull those things from her dress? (In Super Smash Bros). So...in a sense...if women get crabs...Peach gets.....FUNGUS!!!!!!!!!

golfinho responds:


"You're the worst kind of autistic."

Bob's Burger is full of shenanigans.

You need to draw her hand in her crotch. Cause she still has the rash remember?

LazyMuffin responds:

It's cured, now it just smells like bacon.

"The best way to change the world is to first change yourself."

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