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I always felt that if Valve was to do a 'female' cast of TF2. The shouldn't be genderswap character of the same thing.

They should have unique abilities that would add even MORE variety to the game.

Seeing this Medic is a perfect example. Instead of a long range needle gun, FemMed has a short range radioactive blaster that does progressive damage on contact - only until healed by another medic or medkit.

Did you submit to Valve?

A 'brother' has nothin' to compensate for. They just 'are'.


*you'll get the reference.

Looks awesome man.

You should submit this to Frederator 'Adventure Time Fan Art'

The Baron lives on....

In Behemoth size Bad-Assery!

Or maybe he's dwarfish?

What I like most is his glowing eyes.

His right hand looks like he could be conjuring a 'fire ball' or something.

Wouldn't that be cool?

If RB used magic?

deathink responds:

I got carried away with this one...

Mirror Mirror on the wall...who's the sluttiest one of all.


Though it would've been a nice challenge if you could finish the bead'd bikini top.

You put nice detail in the hair. It looks convincingly shiny.

They say that a soul is tempered and forged through will and struggle.

Otherwise it be no different than a hallow husk, basking in sunlight or lack of sunlight as a fungus. Only allowing the current to sweep them to their destiny.

But not the 'forged'. They are tempered, tested, and possess a will of their own, despite all the animosity.

They are....the Underdogs.

beastkid7 responds:

haha, that is the greatest Jak! If they're was a movie trailer for this, I would want that to be the voice over.


Optimus Fucking Prime!!!!!!

Show to Mindchamber! He'll love you forever!

Wavechan responds:

:O who's mindchamber? @___@!

ObliviousEmi also made several Evee illustrations in her old account EmiKay.

Your bottom one reminds me of her 'unammused' evee - peenie.
Though grumpier and willing to bite your hand.

I can't wait to see if you'll do WhaleLord or do the infamous Pi.

Sabtastic responds:

Hah!! I think I found the one you're talking about.
They drew Eevee quite a bit! lol The shadow ball one made me crack up.
Actually I think I follow their newer account - I recognize the style. Pretty swanky stuff!

Would it 'really' have made the kids happy if the mouse was real?

Nah, they just being little brats.

I totally see Jaxxy voicing the one scared of the Spider.

And obviously you should voice yourself.

Sabtastic responds:

Now that you mention it, yeah! D:
Haha I don't think I'd make much of a voice actor though. Jaxxy would totally fit though!

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