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Where is the sock Loraine Where is the sock Loraine

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Have you been submitting your work to Frederator?

Don't forget about the We Love Fine contests.

I'm sure you would win!

beastkid7 responds:

Nah meng, I should do that. Thanks for the 5 stars

Thankyou Caricatures Thankyou Caricatures

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There are only two things Stamper constantly thinks about...Death *ie why he smokes, and Lady body parts :P

Marcy and Wolves Marcy and Wolves

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Adventure Time is easily one of the best cartoons ever made....EVER!

And you drew it "Tin Tin" style.

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beastkid7 responds:

Haha yes! Tin tin is awesome!

My Little Mercenaries My Little Mercenaries

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Although, in my opinion - Twilight should've been the Snipper.
After all...she's all about 'precision & perfection'.

Here's my list.

Twilight Snipper
Pinkie Pyro
Derpy Soldier
Heavy Mac
Zecora Demo
Rainbow Scout

There's this artist on Deviant who makes custom figurines. I might just commission her to make some based on your designs.

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The darkness is the way I see The darkness is the way I see

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It's a strange coincidence that you've conceptualized that 'light' is emmiting from the 'eye' in the darkness.

The "Eye of Horus" and Judaism's "Genesis" have a similar concept. And "New Age" often likes to believe that all of life is but a 'thought'.

And Scientists have proven that all that we see, is 'technically' an illusion of our own mind.

But putting philosophy aside, this artwork is really good.

You should totally be a graphic designer.

beastkid7 responds:

Thats interesting, yup I was trying to convey a similar thought.

Thanks, Jak. I'm working on it. If you want to be an artist with out a degree you have to 1) Be a really good artist and 2) Have alot of work. Also great social skills never hurt, but I'm going to play it to my strengths for now :P

cat cat

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It's "Business Cat".

Coming next week on Frederator's Cartoon Hangover.

Waterboarding Waterboarding

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Those quarters are our tax dollars at work



North Korea: My Only Friend North Korea: My Only Friend

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So rown-rly....I am so rown-rly.....I have no-bodeee......

TF2: Girl Medic TF2: Girl Medic

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I always felt that if Valve was to do a 'female' cast of TF2. The shouldn't be genderswap character of the same thing.

They should have unique abilities that would add even MORE variety to the game.

Seeing this Medic is a perfect example. Instead of a long range needle gun, FemMed has a short range radioactive blaster that does progressive damage on contact - only until healed by another medic or medkit.

Did you submit to Valve?

Compensating. Compensating.

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A 'brother' has nothin' to compensate for. They just 'are'.

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