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Woad dude.

This is like....Awesome to the Max.

It's kinda like that photoshoot thing from before.

ONly it's a kick ass month art.

It's almost like it could be the cover of a cool beat-em-up game.

She's hot...

for a dead corpse.

Nah...I wouldn't....would I?

No...she's still a dead person.

A really Hot dead person.


Okay being serious now...

I love this art direction. It's a tasteful nude of Marceline the Vampire Queen.

According to Penalton Ward, she was once a human before Armagedon but became a vampire and killed the vampire king.

I wonder where she got those "extra" bites?

She sure is playful, it's no wonder she's always teasing Finn.


Though Nene's skirt looks a little funny.

Either leave her without the skirt and stylish panties or a full skirt.

That's my advice.

You know...in allot of Japan anime, allot of manga girls wear "Metal-Armored-Undies" a reference is Tron Bone of the Megaman Legend series.

The rest of the characters look great though I feel too much "blue" is used here.

The building could afford to be a different color from each other and I feel it wouldn't interfere with the composition.

If you want the Graffiti to look realistic, make it look more worn out.

Cause right now it looks kinda sticker-ed on.

I'm not trying to be nit picky, it's just a few points away from perfection in my opinion.

TheShadling responds:

Yes I fucked up alot on this one, and its late.


This is a very good use of patterns and designs.

Your from Richmond but it almost seems like your from Japan. The art style is right up there for use of posters, blankets, quilts...

It's cute.

Now this is an impressive use of Drop-Back pattern

It's very pretty.

You definitely got this Vector Based Artwork down.

Though I wonder if a background would be a compliment to this piece.

I would love to see more compositions from you.

Almost suited for art as a Calendar or Poster.

PixelCake responds:

I wouldn't know what to add for a background :) it was just an example I quickly barfed up for my art auction XD I really wanna fix the missing black hems and her fat arm :(
thank you ^^

It's good...but I honestly think it could be MORE

Right now it just seems so empty

The space provided is small compared to the grand scheme of things.

Granted your on the right track for a PERFECT entry.

But see if you can squeeze more characters in this.

Obviously there are MORE popular characters you should consider as well as the more selectively fan favorites

Keep in mind that you don't want to make it TOO busy.

But it would be fun seeing allot more characters in Pixel form.

OH I get it.

Fair - meaning like beautiful and blonde.

PS - You're sketchbook tour art submission...seriously, you should do a large canvas one using gold paint and such.

That would be like...in the Museum Quality stuff no?

It must've taken FOREVER though.

Anyway, good artin' and welcome back.

BizarroJoe responds:

... And the "square" part speaks by itself!
But you forgot one thing: The meaning the sentence has as a whole.
Look how the girl shows it all: This is plain porn, and she's not hiding it!
Thus, as you can see, the idea of "honesty" feedbacks itself: I didn't intended to aim at nothing but the viewer's crotch, but the pattern I used for the background suggested me the title (Which I heard first in a "Samurai Shodown" game.), and then all the pieces started to come together... Moreover, at first, the anus wasn't in the picture. But when I browsed references in Wikipedia, I realised that I HAD to draw it. I knew that many people would find it gross, but I decided not to smartass it. It has to be there!
My next goal will be pubic hair, I suppose... *^.^*

Oh, The SBT'09 piece?! Yes, it took a crapload of time! The broad tip golden marker went fine, but the gel ink pen... Gawdfukkit... You had to draw slowly for the ink to come out and you have to stress over the lines frequently... I almost miss the deadline making that background... But I love that gimmicky stuff, and I admit I'd like to try that on a larger scale picture...

Whoo, long response... But it's okay, thank you very much for your keen comment and keep your mind as sharp, Jak! So long!



Now this guy loves his booze. Great art direction - I feel he's really charging at me.

Which game is this? League of Legends? Never heard of it.
*(AH it's a World of Warcraft inspired game)

I hope he's wearing a lyon cloth at least.

jouste responds:

haha yeah he is wearing a loincloth, but the gut just flops over it anyways. i'm glad you got htat sense of movement from the image.

and yeah league of legends is based off of a warcraft 3 mod called "defense of the ancients" or DOTA if i am not mistaken.

thanks for stopping by with the review and high score! always good to hear from the baron king! XD


I had a vision, a mental composition of greatness!

And only you could bring it to life!

Great Job Jouste!

Super Mega Ultra High Five of DOOM!!!!


Baron's kinda a chubby champion no? Why so?

Almost like a dwarf.

It's interesting cause I've asked about 5 different artists to draw Red Baron *(each one spectacular and awesome).

But your style almost seems MOST appropriate to be an NG icon. Sure Baron could look dashing, deadly, or stoic.

But Jouste, your style seems to capture the Newgrounds' art motif at it's CORE.

You should SERIOUSLY consider working on a few projects with Tom Fulp as his video game character designer.

The revision of each NG icon is vividly expressed through your awesome art style.

My favorite designs are of Tank Man, Hank, and Pico.

Gee....I wonder who's gonna win?

In the next version of NG Rumble, I hope a stage is based around this picture.

jouste responds:

this was a really awesome idea dude. thanks so much for the commission to get it done!

and i tend to draw chubbier dudes when they are decked out in sick armor cause they'd need to be pretty hefty to carry that stuff around all the time.

i shall try to get more involved in making games more, i just feel i still need a lot of practice. thanks so much for your kind words.

*mega-super highfives*

Quite possibly the coolest idea EVER!!!

If this was an actual B-Movie I would TOTALLY watch it.

Perhaps the second challenge after the contest is for the winner to try and MAKE the movie for an additional grand prize!

2nd to 5th place winners could try their luck the the grand prize too.

It'll just make it all the more encouragement to pass judgement of this contest and therefore have more submissions!

TurkeyOnAStick responds:

Thanks JBK.

Yeah I agree; to be fair I'm sure all the submissions have potential to be made in a Flash, be it a 10 second short or full-on epic.

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