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You look like that Che Guevara poster


You should emphasize the negative color more so it adds that solid bold effect.

A darker red in place over the light orange background.

beastkid7 responds:

lol it does doesn't it

Negative color? ...I can draw but I don't no "the art lingo" if you know what I mean. Wait do you mean the negative space around me?

Good idea I think I'll do that.

I feel that this captures your true essence

This is more than just a statue for fun. I have a feeling that it'll become an important piece of art through-out history (or at least pop-culture history about Newgrounds).

I am amazed by the incredible detail. The statue actually looks like it's made of metal. You must've worked really hard on this.

You are a versatile artist MC - like those guys in animation studios who have to make 3D clay figures of their cartoon characters. I have no idea why but it adds that extra flare to the soul purpose of character design.

What awaits for this unlikely pair of a boy and his robot?

MindChamber responds:

I have a whole lotta story to tell.

Thanks for the review!

Ah...the perfect Lara for the Necrophilies.

It's gross - but funny.

fondling herself and licking her already decomposing boobs....yuck!


comedy rule #4 - Gross can be very funny.

MindChamber responds:

haha, I should've had a worm coming out of one of them :-p

MUCH better...but...

Where's the nice background?

Now it looks too empty...It's harder to distinguish the focus of a character(s) if the background is too white.


Because your male character's color is so light..it's hard to distinguish his features instantly from a white background. If you look at other portrait examples...you will see what I mean.

Son23 responds:

Honestly, for this one, I kinda didn't want to do a background. That and I couldn't find a bright enough color that looked good against them (at least in my opinion). Most colors would just make them blend in to the background too much.

I do understand, though. It does take a second to notice some of his features. However that never caught my eye right away because I think I am so use to drawing him. He is my first OC.
I'll keep that in mind, and will consider a background change.

AH - nice of you to copy Mindchamber

It really is very VERY similar to Mindchamber's work.

HotDiggedyDemon responds:


Nice...she's got plant arms.

So is it kinda like the Ben 10 plant alien?

Where her arms can like...fuse with all plants and mutate to do her bidding? Or even fuse with her body to create a sort of monster?

Maybe she can have a sweet side and have flowers blossom out of her hair.

And it can also have a nasty side...her back side of her head can open up like a venus fly trap. She chould very well have 2 faces.

When she sits politely (like in Japanese style)..her arms could blossom around her and she sits in the center of the pedals of a huge Lilly Flower.

beastkid7 responds:

Wow ...I didn't know you had such a big imagination man. She could be like that chick from revenge of the fallen that . . .nah I don't want to spoil transformers if you havn't seen it yet.

oh and as you can see the art portal is now working for me!

Sou's got manga skills yo

But too much color...it's a bit busy in the background...

You need to learn to direct your attention to the characters.

Ex: Forget that lazy effect in the background of zig-zags. And Make the petals less hard. They should be softer.

It'll help direct the attention to the characters.

Son23 responds:

I see what you're saying. I felt proud of this but I did kinda have that feeling I was either missing something or something was off. I took your advice and it does look better, and the characters stand out a bit.

Manga Studio 4, as far as I know, does not have any way to soften images. So I have lowered the opacity a bit. Since a lot of the picture is dark colors the petals still stand out.

A good use of ink.

I love it how people can make awesome effects with just the humble pen.

But the shading of the character and the building in front seems just a bit off...

If it's night...shouldn't the front part of his body and face be all...dark...cuz the light is comming from 'behind' him?

JoSilver responds:

It really more of reflects the way I'm drawing the comic... I honestly don't care for shading... I only do shading to add detail and I'm bad at it...


Dude...I pick up crabs on my beach ALL the time.

This puts an artistic perspective on crabs to a whole nother level

Malakuko responds:

i KNOW RIGHT? coz now they can go forward as well as side to side lol

Should be a Badge Pin given out at conventions

Seriously...It's round...I'd stick a needle through an Expensive Suit just to show it off.

Corpsecrank responds:

That's awesome I never thought about it like that. Thanks for the review :)

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